Protein Pack 2


Our larger Protein Pack 2 is a high protein, low-fat pack, for larger families or for those who like to shop in bulk. Perfect for gym enthusiasts. Plenty of choice from quick cook to slow cook dishes. Our Cajun chicken burgers are a fan favourite!

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Protein Pack 2 - Weight 5.680 £59.99
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10 x 200g Chicken Fillets
500g 95% Lean Steak Mince
500g 95% Lean Diced Steak
4 x 95% Lean Frying/Grilling Steaks
4 x 95% Lean Pork Medallions
4 x 95% Lean Cajun Chicken Burgers
4 x 95% Lean Steak Burgers
2 x 500g 95% Lean Chinese Chicken Stir Fry