Steak Sliced Sausage


Traditional Square Steak Slice Sausage, made from quality cuts of Scotch Beef and our special blend of seasoning. Pressed into the square shape we have come to know and love, ready for slicing.

options PriceQuantity
Steak Slice Sausage x 24 Slices - Serves 12-24 £10.99
Steak Slice Sausage x 12 Slices - Serves 6-12 £5.99
Steak Slice Sausage x 4 Slices - Serves 2-4 £2.99


A butcher’s favourite. Traditional Steak Slice Sausage is made from quality cuts of Scotch Beef. Square shaped and perfect as part of your Sunday breakfast. Or in our house, in a roll with a potato scone and some tomato sauce.